Anyone want to learn how to play jazz piano, trumpet, saxophone, bass, or guitar? We're going to start offering weekly group masterclasses in November. Open to all ages, we will start from the ground up on these particular instruments and impart all the knowledge necessary to begin one's personal journey of Self discovery through our shared American aural art form.

Wednesdays - Bass as the Foundation of Musicality - Explore Chord/Scale Relationships and the Roots of Melodic and Harmonic Development

Thursdays - Anyone can play the Trumpet! - Tone development with emphasis on Breath Control and Technique Development

Fridays - The Saxophone as Your Voice - A Comprehensive Total Beginner's Course. From Zero to Bebop in Six Weeks!

Saturdays - Group Jazz Piano Class - Harmonic and Melodic Foundations and the ii-V7-I Progression

Sundays - Jazz Guitar and You - Building Repertoire and Learning Tunes followed by an OPEN Jam Session.

These courses will be 2 hours long each (4PM-6PM), and will require advance reservation - (no walk ins.)

You're expected to have your own instruments, but if you're starting from scratch, come and see us and we'll outfit you with an appropriate axe with a substantial special student discount.

$50 per 2-hour session

$250 for a semester of 6, once a week, consecutive 2-hour class sessions.

$900 for a full-access pass to all the lessons, masterclasses, and jam sessions for the full 6-week semester.

Space is limited. Partial and full scholarships are offered based on students' interest and individual economic situation. Audition and interview required for all potential scholarship candidates.

Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to start booking your sessions!